Basbousa successful classes Mieh Symbols and the taste is not the coolest

بسبوسة الطبقات ناجحة ميةبالمية وبطعم ولاأروع Basbousa classes #بسبوسة#بسبوسة_الطبقات#بسبوسة_بالقشطة

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Basbousa layers of sweets are easy to prepare, taste and wonderful, and ingredients found in every home .. A pleasant sight
the ingredients;
3 cup semolina
Coconut cup
A cup of sugar
A cup of milk
Half a cup of flour
Cups of oil followed
Orange juice
Two eggs
Vanilla Chuck
Bake powder envelope
How to prepare the country
A cup of water + a cup of sugar
And a lemon slice
And the way to prepare cream
4 cups of milk
4 tablespoons of sugar
4 tablespoons starch
4 tablespoons flour
Vanilla spoon
Sour tray
A thousand wellness❤❤❤ بنت سوريا Syria girl video.

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