Beef Adobo Jajangbap! Filipino Korean Fusion Rice Dish

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You can’t say no to more adobo! This time, we’re fusing adobo with coconut milk with an iconic Korean ingredient…Can you guess it?
Black Bean Sauce Powder!

It’s so hard to describe how delicious this tastes! From the adobo perspective, the jajang adds a thickness and extra savoryness not typical in adobo sa gata. From the jajangbap perspective, adobo sa gata added a creaminess and sour element that paired perfectly. Now, to try this again with noodles!

Ingredients for Jajang Beef Adobo Sa Gata:
1 Nimbly Market Beef Adobo Sa Gata DIY Kit
2 Jajang Powder
3 Fried Egg
4 Sliced Green Onion
5 Cooked Rice

Cooking Instructions:
1 Cook rice of choice.
2 Cook DIY Kit with their simple 3-step process. Use an InstantPot for quicker results.
3 When adobo is done, add jajang powder to the pot and mix until thick.
4 In a bowl with rice, ladle jajang adobo on top of rice.
5 Fry an egg until the edges are brown then place it on top of the rice.
6 Garnish with sliced green onion
7 Serve, mix, combine, and eat! Kain Bang video.

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