Healthy chicken wrap recipe

Healthy Cajun Chicken wrap | step by step | Easy way prepare in 10 minutes | Easy snacks

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Healthy chicken wrap recipe.
Here is what you'll need!

Make fresh Healthy Chicken Wrap
Serving: 1

1 tortilla
100gm Chicken
1/2 carrot
1 leaf of lettuce
1/2 Capsicum
2 table spoon of chilli mayo
1/2 table spoon of cajun spices

1. Cut chicken into pieces then cook it.
2. Get 2 table spoon of mayo add some paprika then whisk well.
3. Cut lettuce, julienne carrot, slice capsicum.
4. Place tortilla add cut lettuce, julienne carrot, sliced capsicum, cooked chicken on the tortilla then add chilli mayo on the top.
5. Season it with Cajun spices
6. Gently wrap the tortilla make sure it is tight.
7. Cut it into half.
8.Enjoy! How to Cook video.

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