How to make cheap and easy meal for single people or dinner date for your love one

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Feeling hungry but you are on a tight budget? Or running out of ideas on an affordable dinner date? Plus you only have QR10.50 or around USD??Check out the video hope you will find it useful, don’t be scared to improvise the food too… good luck 😁…,,

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Ingredients :
Based ingredients
1 pc of garlic
1 big chilli
1 tomato
Anchovies fillet(optional)
Main ingredients :
1 medium size beetroot
1/3 broccoli
1/3 spinach
Half a mug of rice
A handful of peanuts
Sauce :
1 tbs fish sauce
1 tbs hoi sin sauce
1 tbs teriyaki sauce
1 tbs sesame sauce

Based ingredients are d same like the 1st dish
Main ingredients
1 carrot
1 capsicum
1/3 broccoli
1/3 spinach
Half a mug of rice
1 tbs hoi sin sauce
1 tbs sesame sauce
1 tbs fish sauce
(Recommended to add 1 tbs teriyaki sauce so it will taste yum yum 😋 n delicioso 🤤)

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