No oil no sugar hyderabadi double ka meetha

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Hyderabadi Double ka meetha no oil no sugar is very delicious desert without this desert there is no party is completed.

Shahi Tukda is recipe made with different versions and variations
Double ka Meetha recipe i made with no Oil and i have not added any extra sugar its just sugar from milk made i am adding it has sugar already .

double ka meetha no oil no sugar recipe is far better than any other recipe on here ,its very unique since i have not added any oil to fry bread instead i have toasted bread in toaster for healthy reasons

ingredients of Double ka Meetha no oil no sugar (Desert made with bread and milk with dry fruits)

Milk 500 ML
Milk Maid 1/2 can
Almonds 10 pieces
Pistachios 10 pieces
Bread 6 loafs
saffron sticks few sticks

method of making hyderabadi double ka meetha no oil no sugar

Boil milk in a heavy bottom pan add some saffron sticks reduced it to half quantity .

grind dry fruits in to powder and add it to milk

after this step of making desert of shahi tukda add 1/2 can of milk maid (sweetened condensed milk) and let it cool off to get a runny consistancy

toast 6 loafs of bread and cut into 4 pieces and arrange bread pieces into baking sheet and add milk we made on top of the bread

let it cool off and see that all milk is absorb by the bread and garnish this bread dipped in milk with dry fruits powder .
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yummy & delicious double ka meetha is ready to relish your taste buds . Hyderabadi double ka meetha video.

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