Quick & instant Gujiya Recipe

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Welcome to Ankita’s Kitchen
Hello friends today I’ve shared instant Gujia recipe with you so that you can prepare filling/stuffing without on the stove. This recipe will save your time and in taste it’s amazing. So try this Gujia recipe and enjoy Holi freely and safely. Always welcome to your valuable feedback, thanks.
Preparation time:3-4 mins
Fry time:5 mins
Serves: up to you):
For dough:
Refined flour/Maida: 1 cup
Clarified butter/ ghee: 1/4th cup
For filling/stuffing:
Grated coconut(fresh):1 cup
Chopped almonds
Crushed green cardamom
Sugar powder:3 tbsp
Milk powder: 2 tbsp(optional)
Oil to fry Ankita Singh video.

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