Spice Up Your Adobo With This Korean Stew

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In collaboration with Nimbly Market, we are releasing a series of videos that feature their DIY Kits! These meal kits come perfectly portioned with a 3-step process that’s convenient for a quick, hearty meal. It is impressive to bring these traditional and classic tastes in one easy-to-make package. Defrost, follow the instructions, and serve with rice! Today, we are using the Chicken Adobo DIY kit and cooking it Dak Dori Tang Style (Korean spicy chicken stew).

Adobo is a classic recipe that is both beloved and versatile. Its origin is unknown but the Spanish witnessed indigenous Filipinos as early as the 16th century, stewing meat in vinegar and salt. Dak Dori Tang is a Korean chicken stew, often cooked with potatoes, carrots, green & red peppers, and seasoned with gochugaru and soy sauce. Like Adobo, it is a versatile, hearty, and spicy dish that is the perfect choice to combine with Chicken Adobo!

We prepped all the ingredients before heading out to our camping site and cooked over a fire. It was a simple and flavourful fusion meal to enjoy out in nature. Kain Bang video.

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