Tasty Carrot Halwa / Gajar ka halwa with English subtitles/ Halwa receipe in Assamese

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Gajar ka halwa/ carrot halwa/ গাজৰৰ হালৱা receipe:


Carrots- 2 kg, Kaju- 50 gram
Kismis- 50 gram, Almond- 50 gram
Ghee - 2 tbsp, Milk- 1 litre

Method :

1st step: Turn on the gas, put the karahi on it.

2nd step: Once the karahi is heated, reduce the flame to medium.

3rd step: Add 2 tbsp ghee on it.

4th step: Now add kaju, sliced or chopped almonds and fry them until it become golden & crunchy.

5th step: After that transfer the roasted dry fruits into a boul & set aside.

6th step: Next add all the grated carrots on the remaining ghee and saute for 2 to 3 minutes.

7th step: Keep stirring it untill it become soft & tender.

8th step: Now reduce the flame to medium, pour 1 litre milk in it.

9th step: Mix well & continue to cook on medium heat untill the milk is completely evaporated.

10th step: Now add sugar, kishmis, roasted kaju & almonds and stir well.

11th step: When the milk is almost evaporated, stir continuously to prevent the halwa stick at the bottom.

12th step: At this time, check the sugar & if it is less, add some in it.

13th step: Then mix & saute continuously until a nice colour & aroma comes out.

14th step: After that turn off the heat & let it cool for sometime.

15th step: Serve the halwa in a nice boul & now its ready the tasty, yummy and nutrition rich halwa to eat. 😋

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