Vanilla Coconut Cake – easy and simple dessert recipe

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Vanilla coconut cake is soft and delicious which can be easily made by everyone. This easy and yummy cake recipe is a perfect fit for hi-tea snacks that is rich in vanilla flavor with a generous goodness of coconut. The low sugar content in this healthy dessert snack also makes it palatable. In addition to being a hi-tea snack, this delicious cake can also be used as a travel snack for 3 to 4 Days if kept in a cool temperature

A few friendly tips - If the consistency of the cake batter becomes thick, add little milk (cold or normal temperature) and 1 tbsp sugar to make it creamy. Please dissolve the sugar in the milk before adding it to the cake batter. The baking time and right temperature varies for each oven. So it is recommended that you always check whether your cake is baked properly with a tooth pick or a cake tester. In order to maintain the moist texture of the cake, always keep the cake slices in an air tight container

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