What to make for Potluck: 4 Ways to Enjoy Filipino and Korean Rice Balls

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Welcome back to Kain Bang!

Jumeokbap, or Korean rice ball, is cooked rice pressed into a ball. Typically filled and topped with different ingredients - they are perfect to bring to a hike, to potlucks, and especially picnics.

In this video, we make Filipino and Korean style rice balls, 4 ways!

Spam + Corn + Banana ketchup: 0:21
Adobo flakes + Mango OR Banana + Broth: 2:00
Spicy tuna + Mayo + Cucumber + Dried Seaweed + Perilla Oil + Salt + Sesame: 3:54
Tofu + Kimchi + Dried Seaweed + Perilla Oil + Salt + Sesame: 5:16

Try and follow along with our recipes and let us know what you think in the comments below. Let us know what you think we should cook next!

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